Welcome to my blog!


(Photo by Mai Kinebuchi)

Greetings, dear friends and readers –

This is a blog about my navigation through the media world. It starts here as an assignment for JMS 527 Journalism Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship, under the instruction of Professor Amy Schmitz Weiss. This semester, each of her students are to build, present, and blog about a business plan that will address a need in the media. For me, the need I deeply desire to address is cyberbullying. I see the solution taking shape in the form of resources to parents and teenagers – educational tools that will allow them to co-use social media and have open conversations about it.

I imagine incorporating YouTube video tutorials, live stream events, and the list goes on. Learning should be fun when it comes to social media, and I admittedly got this idea from the brightest and bubbliest YouTube personality out there, entrepreneur Ingrid Nilsen. While our goals are different, we share the same core values of taking care and being kind. I am inspired to take on this project with the same enthusiasm as Nilsen, along with the extraordinary colleagues and friends I have met along the way.  Another source of inspiration comes from Mark Briggs’ Entrepreneurial Journalism. From the start, he says: “This book is for people who love working on their ideas, who see that ‘work’ as something they get to do, not something they have to do” (p. xxii).

I am one of those people.


Briggs, M. (2012). Entrepreneurial journalism. Los Angeles, CA: Sage.