Finding something good


Snapping photos of the Sacramento sunset. (Photo by Jessica Vernone)

I’ve been lucky enough to find a whole lot of good. I am wrapping up my first year of graduate school – a dream turned reality one year ago. And just like that, I am already planning my move home to Sacramento for the summer, excited to reunite with family, friends, and my dogs.

But before I move back, I will reach the height of my graduate school experience thus far and could not be more grateful. Next week, I will present my research on parent media literacy and teenage cyberbullying – a pilot study for my thesis. I am also writing a business plan to create a Parents Online blog and podcast with media literacy resources and tutorials. I will pitch my business plan in just three short weeks.

I had my share of doubts about Parents Online, wondering where in the world I would find an audience. Thanks to the guidance of my professor, Dr. Schmitz Weiss, and additional faculty in my program, I have found that the need for parent media literacy resources is greater than I imagined. My audience is out there, and I can actually do something to help them, too. After my interview with parent Caleb Eames, attending the Screenagers documentary screening and panel discussion in San Diego, speaking with Adam McLane, co-author of A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Social Media, researching the success of Screenagers, and looking at numerous parent studies, subreddits, podcasts and Facebook groups, I know my topic is important. Many parents out there are interested in gaining media literacy because their children’s interests are important to them – especially when it comes to social media. I’ve found something good here, and it certainly makes for a more than good start.



2 thoughts on “Finding something good

  1. Yes, you are onto something very important that can help a lot of people. Let that mission be your guide – just as it was for Jenny with her focus on helping people getting the eyecare they need. Carpe diem!!

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