Ways to grow


A Maui sunset. (Photo by Daniel Lee)

I had the privilege of meeting SDSU alumnus Jenny Amaraneni last week as guest lecturer and CEO/co-founder of SOLO Eyewear. When she first stepped onto campus for her master’s program, she knew she wanted to create her own company. She actually began the works of her business in an entrepreneurship class much like mine. Fast forward to present day, she is a successful entrepreneur for a cause: raising funds through sunglasses sales to provide eye care for people around the world.

I found myself inspired by Jenny’s mission to make a difference. With that being said, to make a difference you must be willing to grow. If I want to touch the world, I am going to need some help and new ideas. After reading Entrepreneur’s “10 Ways to Grow Your Business,” a few tips resonated with me. First, to diversify; sell complementary products or services, teach adult education or other types of classes. I’ve said this before, I  dream of publishing a book someday. This could be a means to diversify and connect with a greater audience. This leads to the second resonating tip, to target other markets; for me, this could be teachers and anyone else involved in the classroom.

I think more than anything I will continue to dream big. It hasn’t steered me wrong thus far.

“Maintaining your momentum means looking forward even as you focus on the present. Forecasting and planning are critical to your continued success.” – U.S. Small Business Administration


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